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As many natural areas around the world are starting to show the impacts of climate change, places such as Phillip Island (Millowl) are being acknowledged as a haven for flora and fauna.

Join us in making a difference

Your donation today helps to ensure Phillip Island's natural areas and wildlife are protected now and into the future.

The Penguin Foundation aims to provide ongoing funding and support for the conservation programs that protect Phillip Island and the wildlife that call it home.

Our Key Objectives

  • Conserving significant habitats and the diverse range of wildlife and habitat
  • Enhancing vegetation and restoring degraded habitat areas
  • Functioning as a wildlife refuge, supporting existing and establishing new wildlife rehabilitation centres and participating in wildlife rescue
  • Providing information, educating and promoting research activities, and encouraging participation in and across the various visitor centres
  • Preserving, conserving and maintaining cultural and historical heritage within the Phillip Island Nature Parks

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