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Generous gift in Will for the Penguin Foundation

From time to time, the Penguin Foundation is fortunate to receive support from donors who choose to include a gift in their Will. Dedication to conservation and wildlife from these generous supporters leaves a lasting legacy and impact.

The Penguin Foundation has been extremely fortunate to receive a generous donation from Maxine Porter (nee Hobson). Maxine’s bequest will have a meaningful and tangible impact on wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, habitat preservation and restoration on Phillip Island (Millowl). The Foundation would like to share our sincere condolences to Maxine's family and friends and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

One Maxine's her earliest childhood memories was when her family first saw penguins on a bus tour to Philip Island. Maxine was always interested in animals and she had a lovely garden with lots of native plants for the local wild life. Maxine felt fortunate to be able to leave behind a legacy to a number of organisations that she wished to support. Sadly, her life was being cut short, but Maxine was pleased she was able to share what she had to improve the world for others. Maxine's sister, Laraine and niece, Chris, hope that Maxine's incredible legacy of giving to a number of charities will motivate others to do the same in the future.

For further information on how you or a loved one can donate or leave a lasting memory to the Penguin Foundation, please contact Penguin Foundation team on

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