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Kids care about climate

Spatial and Ecological Data Scientist, Dr Marji Puotinen, held a special event for Climate Action at the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre recently. It featured a giant banner made from 2,629 kids’ drawings from 33 nations on 6 continents.

Local primary school children on Phillip Island (Millowl), were invited to attend a presentation by Dr Marji Puotinen, play engaging games, and hold up the huge beach banner, which was photographed and filmed from the sky. Some students also chose to record messages about Climate Action.

This event was playful, creative, and bravely dived right into the critical importance of preventing further global warming. It's essential that young people are provided with diverse ways to learn as they come to understand the impacts of climate change and the types of actions required as we work towards solutions at different scales.

The giant banner has visited 19 schools and six nations so far. Here is the latest video of its travels shown at CoP27 in Egypt in Nov 2022:

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​​​​​​​Please note: waiver forms were completed by parents/guardians for all participating students.

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