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Spotlight on Koalas

Did you know that the Penguin Foundation is not all about Penguins? We support Koalas and other species too through conservation funding.

Did you know that the Penguin Foundation supports other species too? Today we shine a spotlight on Koalas. You can symbolically adopt and name a Koala on the Penguin Foundation website and celebrate the role of the Phillip Island Nature Parks Koala Conservation Reserve in protecting, growing and supporting wild Koalas. The Nature Parks conservation team is excited to be part of a research project led by the University of Sydney in partnership with Zoos Victoria and the University of Tasmania that is focused on endangered northern Koalas and aimed to help ensure their long-term survival by undertaking a study to treat mange infections in Koala populations. While southern Koalas are less impacted, it is hoped this research will support further medical conservation efforts around the country. Learn more about this and other conservation work at The Phillip Island Nature Parks website.

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