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Order The Littlest Penguin Book today!

If you can't get your hands on a copy of the Littlest Penguin book in store, copies can be ordered online direct from Penguin Books Australia and other book retailers.

Order a copy of the Littlest Penguin book today!

The Penguin Foundation will officially launch 'The Littlest Penguin' book, published in conjunction with Penguin Random House Australia & New Zealand, at the Phillip Island Festival of Stories - Saturday, November 18 at Berninneit in Cowes. Phillip Island (Millowl) is home to approximately 40,000 Little Penguins, and the Penguin Foundation funds projects of the Phillip Island Nature Parks conservation team dedicated to protecting them. This book is an absolute treasure and highly informative. Join the Chair of The Penguin Foundation Board, Simone Clancy, as she shares the book.

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