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Meet the Penguins and Southern Ocean Live

In the depths of Winter, Phillip Island (Millowl) hosted incredible television viewing. Two compelling prime time factual programs were filmed at Phillip Island Nature Parks’ world famous Penguin Parade. Little Penguins were the superstars!

The geometric and modern Penguin Parade Visitor Centre was the ideal backdrop for television spectacular, ‘Southern Ocean Live’. ABC journalist and presenter, Hamish Macdonald and the engaging and energetic, Dr Ann Jones, hosted the 90-minute special which screened on the Winter solstice evening, Tuesday June 21.

It promised big creatures, big science and big thrills – and it certainly delivered. From ‘Southern Island HQ’, at Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade, Macdonald and Jones were joined by a small studio audience and crossed Live to special guests who gave real time updates and footage from the depths of the ocean. They told the stories of incredible creatures, including the resident Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor).

Aside from the famous Little Penguins, our resident Penguin expert, Paula Wasiak, Research Officer at Phillip Island Nature Parks, was a guest presenter and provided many fascinating insights and Little Penguin facts.

One week later, the spotlight was once again turned onto the world’s smallest penguins, living on the southern coastline of Australia. Dr Ann Jones returned to host ‘Meet the Penguins’, along with Phillip Island Nature Parks very own celebrity Paula and the 40,000 stars of the show - the Little Penguins living in the colony. The program tracked the lives of these adorable seabirds at the popular Penguin Parade on Phillip Island and also showcased the penguins living in the Melbourne city suburb of St Kilda, as they attempt to complete their mission: to stake their territory, partner up and raise their chicks.

If you missed either of the programs, don't despair as they can be streamed on ABC TV + iview or by following the links below:

Watch Meet the Penguins

Watch Southern Ocean Live

We have some exclusive bonus footage for our Penguin Foundation Community. Follow the link to a behind the scenes video with Phillip Island Nature Parks Research Technical Officer, Paula Wasiak. See her checking in on what our Little Penguins are up to right now! Spoiler alert, there's some serious cuteness going on! Click here to view.

A very big thank you to all donors of the Penguin Foundation - this video demonstrates the direct impact of your contributions to our research.

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