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Adopt an animal

Symbolically adopting a wild animal on Phillip Island means you will become their official guardian. Your single, monthly or yearly donation will help to protect the species and their habitats today and for years to come.
Species - Safe Haven - Phillip Island

Did you know?

There's more to Phillip Island's wildlife than a cute face or an adorable waddle, and that's why we need to protect them! Phillip Island supports significant native vegetation communities and wildlife populations as well as international migratory bird species within its woodland, wetland and coastal environments.

Each of these species plays an important role in these ecosystems and this remarkable biodiversity means Phillip Island is one of Victoria’s truly special places and we are dedicated to funding the conservation of these important natural values for both current and future generations.

Why adoption is important

  • Protects Wildlife
  • Funds Research
  • Restores Habitats
  • Preserves Flora
  • Supports Education
  • Assists with Conservation

Select an animal to get started

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