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‘Violet’ the Little Penguin Released

Thanks to the dedicated conservation team and rangers at Phillip Island Nature Parks, there has been a happy ending for a little penguin who was rescued and spent four months being cared for in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.

Penguin Foundation donors have contributed to yet another success story of the Phillip Island Nature Parks conservation team and rangers to save a little penguin named ‘Violet’. This is another amazing team effort at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic and one to be celebrated.

'Violet' was named after the identifying ribbon colour added while in care. He was rescued by members of the Nature Parks team at the Penguin Parade in November 2023. He was observed with “feather wear” and collected due to concerns he would not be able to stay warm and waterproof in the ocean. 'Violet' was taken into our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to receive care while he underwent a catastrophic moult. After shedding his feathers and growing new ones, he was swim tested and found to be fully waterproof. At the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, little penguins must be able to swim for three hours and still have dry down feathers underneath their outer feathers to be ideally prepared for release back into the wild.

Prior to release, Violet's ribbon was removed - and he was micro-chipped so he can be monitored and identified again. Late last week 'Violet’ did a final weigh-in, feed, and practice swim in the rehabilitation pool, and was deemed ready for release back to the ocean. He was released in the morning and very quickly waddled into the water and swam out through the surf.

Donors can support little penguins just like 'Violet' by donating or symbolically adopting an animal: Penguin Foundation • Adopt an animal

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