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The Littlest Penguin book has been released!

After much anticipation, we're thrilled to announce that ‘The Littlest Penguin’ book is now available! This endearing story is based on the amazing journey, ocean adventures and on-land lives of some of Phillip Island’s Little Penguins.

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After much anticipation, the Penguin Foundation is thrilled to announce that ‘The Littlest Penguin’ book is now officially released! This beautiful, hard cover book is a collaboration between @jeddarobaard, @penguinbooksaus, @penguinfdn @phillipislandnp

Created in close partnership with the Penguin Foundation and based on the amazing journey behind The Penguin Parade, The Littlest Penguin follows the ocean adventures of one of Phillip Island’s penguins. This delightful book also includes a non-fiction section with all you need to know about these wonderful little birds.

The Littlest Penguin is a treasure trove for young minds, offering not only a captivating story but also a window into the fascinating world of the penguin. With its unique blend of narrative and nonfiction, this book becomes more than just a tale — it's a companion for exploration and learning. A child can carry it with them, discovering the magic of Phillip Island (Millowl) and the incredible life of a Little Penguin, all within the pages of this special book.

Phillip Island Nature Parks Senior Research Officer, Paula Wasiak, worked alongside the Penguin Foundation and the book’s author and illustrator on the field research for The Littlest Penguin.

"Guiding the talented writer, Michelle Madden, and illustrator, Jedda Robaard, through the heart of the penguin colony allowed us to capture every subtle nuance of these tenacious birds’ lives - from their feeding habits to their distinct calls and behaviours. It was essential to provide an authentic portrayal of the Little Penguin's world, down to the last detail. This not only ensures a rich and accurate narrative for young readers, but also pays tribute to the remarkable ecosystem and environment that these resilient birds call home," Ms Wasiak said.

“The Penguin Foundation’s commitment to funding critical conservation and research projects on Phillip Island has played a huge role in protecting the precious natural haven and the incredible wildlife that inhabits it, including the much-loved Little Penguins.”

“In partnership with Penguin Foundation and Penguin Random House, we are thrilled to bring 'The Littlest Penguin' to life, bridging the gap between the magic of storytelling and the urgent need to inspire the next generation of Earth's protectors. We hope this collaboration instils a greater love and respect for the environment from the people who read it.”

“Together, we're creating a brighter, more sustainable future for Phillip Island and all its remarkable inhabitants."

Early reviews of the book describe it as an “absolutely exquisite gem of a book in a beautiful gift-sized binding with stunning glossy highlights, it is a book to treasure. With Christmas rapidly approaching I suggest that if you have a penguin aficionado in your circle (who doesn’t?) or Smalls who love animal stories, this would be a very valued present".

The book is in store now at the Penguin Parade, Phillip Island (Millowl) and will be available for purchase via the Phillip Island Nature Parks online store at the beginning of October – with more copies arriving from mid-October. The book can be ordered at: Phillip Island Online Store | Phillip Island Nature Parks - Phillip Island Nature Parks (

The book is recommended for ages 4+ and is 144 pages.

To learn more about the Penguin Foundation and to donate or symbolically adopt and name a Little Penguin, please visit:

About the authors

Jedda Robaard

Jedda Robaard is an Australian author, illustrator and designer, based in Southern Tasmania, Australia. She is known internationally for her sweet and whimsical style of illustration.

Jedda studied as a commercial artist in 1992 and after an initial career in graphic design moved her focus to illustration. She has been illustrating and writing children’s books since 2011 and has over 50 books published. Her books are sold internationally and have been published in many languages.

portrait photo of Jedda Robaard

The Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect Phillip Island's native wildlife and enhance the natural environment through research, conservation and education programs.

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