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Flipper and Finnegan

Based on the real event of a major oil spill in 2001, Flipper and Finnegan is a picture book telling the story of two Little Penguins, and how hand knitted jumpers from a caring community helped save them after this environmental disaster.

The story begins by describing Flipper and Finnegan’s cosy home and environment on Phillip Island (Millowl). Details of their days and evenings are beautifully portrayed. When disaster strikes, Flipper, Finnegan and their penguin friends endure a scary journey covered in oil. A brighter ending prevails thanks to the wildlife rangers of Phillip Island Nature Parks and the kindness of many people knitting tiny jumpers to help the affected penguins
, writes Amie Sabadin, reviewer for the popular children's literature reviewing website, Kids Book Review.
Author Sophie Cunningham weaves a beautiful and educational story to be enjoyed by children and adults. The story will prompt further conversation and share important messages about animal protection and conservation. Anil Tortop’s illustrations, her use of colour and lighting express time, place and mood wonderfully, while her characters are cute and loveable. 

The details of the story origins at the back of the book are lovely and informative. The Penguin Foundation supplied photographs of Little Penguins in jumpers and there is a call for Little Penguin adoptions and donations, as the Knits for Nature jumper program is now closed after the immense success. The Penguin Foundation has received many thousands of penguin jumpers over the past few years, plenty to rely on in the event of an oil spill, and no longer require any further. The Penguin Foundation and Phillip Island Nature Parks Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation teams wish to acknowledge the time and effort that has gone into creating these rehabilitation jumpers and thanks all the generous knitters who sent them in over many years.

You can show your support for Little Penguins by visiting their home at the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island or symbolically adopting a penguin through the Penguin Foundation.

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