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Koala annual health checks

Phillip Island Nature Parks rangers and conservation team members recently completed the annual koala health checks and all passed with flying colours in a win for the species living at the Koala Conservation Reserve.

During the recent koala health checks, all 16 koalas were assessed and looked over during the week which was a great achievement as often there are a few evasive koalas that rangers aren’t able to find or that are too hard to catch. The health checks include body condition, weight, eye health, teeth and a thorough examination for any wounds or other issues. All koalas were found to be in good health. There were no joeys this year, unfortunately.

Last month a wild koala was spotted in a tree in Teddy Bear Lane in Cowes! After a local resident contacted Phillip Island Nature Parks, rangers headed out to check up on him. They determined he needed veterinary treatment due to a wound on his eye. After receiving some stiches, he was left at the Koala Conservation Reserve to get some food, drink and pampering for a couple of weeks. Last week, he was finally released into Oswin Roberts Reserve which is considered the safest place for a wild koala. We’re grateful to the community member who contacted us worried for the koala’s welfare.

If you would like to contribute to ensuring that koala populations on Phillip Island (Millowl) continue to thrive and be tended to by dedicated Nature Parks rangers, you could donate or adopt a koala through the Penguin Foundation. Koala Guardians contribute to securing a brighter future for these iconic marsupials by supporting scientific research, rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

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