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Rehabilitating Little Penguins at the wildlife clinic

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of your donations? One of the most impactful uses of donations and adoptions goes to rehabilitation of any sick or injured Little Penguins and towards making the world a better place for animals.

The Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect Phillip Island's native wildlife and enhance the natural environment through research, conservation and education programs. One of the most tangible benefits of your donations is the Penguin Foundation's contribution to the Phillip Island Nature Park's wildlife clinic. As the weather warms up and the days get longer, visitation to Phillip Island (Millowl) increases and, with wildlife in full swing and breeding, it makes it the busiest time for our Wildlife Clinic. The Clinic is purpose-built to care for Phillip Island’s sick and injured native wildlife, commonly admitted due to issues such as starvation, road trauma, human interference, pet or feral animal attacks, oil spills and boat trauma. The ultimate aim of wildlife rehabilitation is to return healthy animals to the wild so they can resume life without further support. Each year the Wildlife Clinic treats approximately 150 little penguins and 300 to 400 other native animals, many of which are brought to us for care or are rescued by Rangers after being reported by members of the public. If you are visiting Phillip Island or a resident here, you can find the right help for any injured wildlife here. Or you can help contribute to the running of the Wildlife Clinic by visiting our ecotourism attractions or adopting a Little Penguin. This will ensure Penguins and other native wildlife receive the best of care in our wonderful rehabilitation facilities, complete with pools to get injured Penguins back to full swimming ability under careful watch of dedicated Rangers, before releasing them back into the ocean to fend for themselves again.

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