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Penguin Foundation adoption packs and plush toys have arrived in store

Protect wildlife, fund research, restore habitat - The Penguin Foundation adoption packs have been launched in the Phillip Island Nature Parks' online store - order now for the Festive Season or birthday gift for a loved one.

The Penguin Foundation team is delighted to announce that our adoption packs have arrived for purchase in the gift shop at the iconic Penguin Parade. In addition to this, you can now order online from anywhere in the world. The funds from all adoption packs go directly to protecting wildlife, funding research and habitat maintenance and restoration on Phillip Island (Millowl).

Please visit the Phillip Island Nature Parks' online store and select the Penguin Foundation tab and choose an adoption pack: Little Penguin, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Hooded Plover, Australian Fur Seal or Short-tailed Shearwater. Each limited edition plush toy in the pack has been custom-made and realistically designed. These high quality plush toys by HANSA are exclusive to the Penguin Foundation and comply to International safety standards EN71, ASTM, F963-07.

You may also like to support the vital work of the Penguin Foundation by purchasing a plush penguin toy in a handknitted jumper via the online store.

Support the important work of our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation rangers by purchasing one of these soft toy penguins. The knitted jumpers they wear are not just a fashion statement, they are the same jumpers used to save the lives of Little Penguins affected by an oil spill, and are handmade by volunteers from around the world.

All proceeds from the sale of these popular plush penguins go to the Phillip Island Nature Parks Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.

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