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Conservation Dog Jazz earns a well-deserved retirement

After nine years working to keep Phillip Island (Millowl) fox-free, Conservation Dog Jazz has retired. Jazz found a rogue fox with her super nose and senses. She expertly tracked the location of the fox to protect the Little Penguin colony.

During her tenure, Jazz has surveyed 12,000 kilometres in search of fox evidence on Phillip Island and many other locations across Victoria. Jazz’s work has directly benefitted the biodiversity of Phillip Island and positively contributed to many external projects resulting in successful environmental outcomes across Victoria.

As a result of working with external organisations, undertaking conservation dog demonstrations, media stories and conference presentations, Jazz has become famous in Australia and New Zealand. Jazz has been a valued member of the Pest Animal team at Phillip Island Nature Parks and has been instrumental in the eradication of foxes from Phillip Island.

Trainer and handler, Craig Bester, says: "I’d describe Jazz as tenacious and hardworking, but soft as butter. I’ve enjoyed working alongside her and will miss her. Jazz is not going too far away though and will be going to a loving home nearby for belly rubs and an endless supply of tennis balls to chase".

To support the next generation of conservation dogs on Phillip Island, please donate to our appeal and help grow our pack.

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