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Privacy & Refund Policy

The Penguin Foundation is committed to the protection of your personal information. Read our Privacy and Refund Policy terms on this page and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Privacy Policy

1. Background

The Penguin Foundation is committed to the protection of your personal information.

It is an underlying principle of the Penguin Foundation not to interfere with an individuals privacy rights in the way it collects, uses or disseminates information.

2. Protecting your Personal Information

The Penguin Foundation is committed to ensuring the privacy of the personal information you provide to us. We believe that respect for your privacy forms part of the ongoing trust we wish to develop with you. The Penguin Foundation has established this policy in compliance with the Information Privacy Principals to help you understand your rights under the Privacy Act.

3. Collection of Personal Information

The Penguin Foundation only collects personal information which enables us to carry out the operational activities of our donation and support programs, for example, email address is collected so we may email our supporters our newsletter.

Included on its donor and support databases the Penguin Foundation has information including name, email address, contact address and phone number.

Personal contact information is collected:

  • Via our donations portal on our website
  • Via Penguin Foundation Adopt a Penguin and donation brochures (including gift recipient contact information if the donation is a gift)
  • Over the phone when provided by the donor

4. Information Use and Disclosure

By donating to the Penguin Foundation you agree for the Penguin Foundation to use your contact details for the purpose for which you have provided them, for example, to contact you or your gift recipient to provide your donation benefit/s (i.e. adopt a penguin pack). We do not collect and will not use your personal information for any other purpose. We will not disclose your contact information to third parties. The Penguin Foundation may use non-identifying and aggregate information for market research and planning.

If you do not wish to receive communications from us, please contact us at and request we remove your details from our database.

5. Data Quality

The Penguin Foundation shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that it holds is accurate, complete and up to date.

6. Data Security

The Penguin Foundation has procedures in place to safeguard personal information against misuse, loss and from unauthorized access, modifications or disclosure.

7. Access and Correction

The Penguin Foundation shall provide individuals with access to their personal information held by us, unless there are legitimate reasons under the Privacy Act not to provide access.

Please contact the Penguin Foundation on the details below if you:

  • Wish to have access to the personal information that we hold about you
  • Consider that the personal information that we hold about you is not accurate, complete or up to date
  • Require further information on our personal information management practices.

8. Information Privacy Guarantee

If you think that your privacy has been interfered with due to a breach of our obligations in relation to your privacy, then you may lodge a complaint directly with our nominated Privacy Officer. If you are not satisfied with our response, this matter will be escalated to the Executive Management Team.

9. Need More Information

If you wish to know more about the way we manage personal information you should contact us by writing to:

Privacy Officer
Penguin Foundation
PO Box 97
Cowes, Victoria 3922

Refund Statement

Due to the nature of charity donations and because the Penguin Foundation regularly remits funds to conservation programs, we are under no obligation to give refunds. Decisions on refunds will be at the discretion of the Penguin Foundation’s management.

If a donation is refunded, the associated tax receipt is no longer valid so it should be securely destroyed. Please note it is your responsibility to submit only correct receipts to the Australian Tax Office.

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