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Planning ahead – making a Gift in your Will

Providing a gift in your Will to the Penguin Foundation helps protect and enhance Phillip Island's (Millowl) natural environment through scientific research, conservation, and education programs. Thank you for considering a contribution.

Join us in making a difference

Your donation today helps to ensure Phillip Island's natural areas and wildlife are protected now and into the future.

Did you know?

Almost 70% of Australians support charities in their lifetime, but only 7.5% of those over 60 include a charitable gift in their Will? Gifts in Wills, or bequests are vital for the Penguin Foundation to continue to protect Phillip Island's wildlife, including Little Penguins, Koalas, Australian Fur Seals, Short-tailed Shearwaters and Hooded Plovers. As well as threatened species including Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Bush-Stone Curlews.

Your generosity counts.

Who can include a bequest?

Every bequest, of every size, makes a difference for the future of Phillip Island’s biodiversity and how we can best enhance and protect it. Whatever the amount, it will be used to continue research excellence and enhancement of Phillip Island’s ecosystem.

Where do donated funds go?

All donations to the Penguin Foundation fund research that is a vital in understanding Phillip Island’s biodiversity and how we can best enhance and protect it. The Penguin Foundation funds important scientific research projects that study Phillip Island’s native wildlife, including Little Penguins and is conducted by world-renowned scientists, field officers and environment rangers at Phillip Island Nature Parks.

All donations are directed where they’re needed most to ensure that Phillip Island natural environment and wildlife is protected. However, if you’re passionate about a specific area of research or conservation, your donation can be allocated to it.

Organising your bequest

Organising a bequest is a simple process, which any solicitor or professional Will provider can assist with. We recommend that you seek independent, professional advice to help with either writing or updating your Will.

All bequests need to be formally stated in your Will to ensure your wishes are realised. There are a number of ways to arrange your gift:

  • Residuary bequest: after providing for your loved ones, you can nominate that the whole, or a specified percentage, of the remainder (known as the residue) of your estate be gifted to the Penguin Foundation. As there is no fixed dollar amount stated, a residuary bequest prevents inflation from reducing the 'real value' of your gift.
  • Dollar amount: you may nominate an exact dollar amount to gift to the Penguin Foundation.
  • Pecuniary bequest: this can be a specific gift such as property, possessions, insurance policies or shares that is clearly distinguishable and separate from the remainder of the property that forms your estate.
  • Life interest bequest: your Will may give a particular person use of an asset, such as property or invested funds, for the duration of their life. Upon their death, the asset can be passed on to the Penguin Foundation as your nominated end beneficiary.

Wording for your Will

By providing the following wording to your solicitor when preparing your Will, you can ensure your wishes are clear and acted upon.

“I give my residuary estate OR [insert percentage]% of my residuary estate; OR the sum of $[insert amount]; OR [insert specified assets, such as real estate, shares, artwork, etc.] to the Penguin Foundation Limited ABN 42 112 304 364, for its general purposes OR (insert specific purpose).

I direct that if any of the nominated beneficiaries predecease me, the bequest shall not fail but I give the share of my deceased beneficiary to the said the Penguin Foundation Limited

I declare that the receipt of the proper officer of the organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.” This wording can be modified to reflect your wishes, but it is important to include our full legal name and the specific Trust through which bequest gifts are administered (the Penguin Foundation Limited).

Thank you - please stay in touch

Please let us know if you have included the Penguin Foundation in your Will, or are considering doing so. By informing us of your gift, we can discuss the impact of your generosity and thank you for your support. As bequest gifts occur far in the future, it is also helpful for the Foundation to be aware of any special intention you may have. This will assist your wishes to be fulfilled. Please be assured that all details remain confidential.

To discuss any aspect of your plans to support The Penguin Foundation, please contact:

Sarah Hardy, Marketing Executive


Penguin Foundation

PO Box 97, Cowes, VIC 3922

Your foresight will create a brighter future and environment for our children. Thank you.

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