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Please Help Grow Our Pack

Did you know that dogs — or more specifically, their amazing olfactory powers — are being used to help with wildlife conservation on Phillip Island (Millowl)?
NP PR PH 586 A3547

Our pack of “conservation dogs” help scientists and rangers collect vital information about foxes and feral cats that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

How? They do it in a non-invasive way by sniffing out the information — often in the form of scat (faeces). Scat is useful because it reveals a lot of valuable facts about an animal.

Recently Jazz (pictured here) found the rogue fox on Phillip Island. With her super nose and senses, she was able to find the fox’s scat and, ultimately, the location of the fox.

Read more here.

Jazz is planning her retirement after eight years carrying out this important work.

We are working hard to prepare four puppies for this important work. Marbee, Milly, Macey and Flash are in training to sniff out foxes and feral cats.

With your help we can train them to protect precious wildlife on Phillip Island, including the Little Penguins.

Please Help Grow Our Pack

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