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Bush stone-curlew aviary

The Penguin Foundation is proud to support an exciting new threatened species program led by Phillip Island Nature Parks which aims to establish a self-sustaining wild population of Bush Stone-curlews on Phillip Island (Millowl).

The overarching summary of this project was to establish purpose-built, threatened species aviary in the Koala Conservation Reserve to protect threatened fauna and flora. The Ground Services Construction Team built a timber framed aviary (6m x 9m) to house two Bush stone-curlews (Burhinus grallarius). The aviary was constructed using wire mesh walls and roof (wire mesh to allow people to see the birds, as well as natural prey (insects) to come and go from the aviary. There is an enclosed “shed” area at one end (for birds to hide/avoid bad weather as required). Captive animals can provide an important connection for people to observe wildlife that they would not usually get to see up close. It is important that the Phillip Island (Millowl) community can “meet” Bush stone-curlews before they are reintroduced, allowing them to connect with the species' story and learn how they can act to protect Bush stone‐curlews and other species on Phillip Island. These aviaries present an invaluable opportunity to create an "ideal woodland" environment with threatened flora also protected in the aviaries. Signage on and near the aviaries will assists in telling the story of the species ‐ their threats, habits, recovery efforts and previous residence on Phillip Island (Millowl). These signs include changeable panels to illustrate what the birds are doing at particular times of the year. A Bush stone-curlew sculpture, designed with Traditional Owner input, is proposed to draw attention to the area and the species.

Funding Contribution

Amount: $17,900

Year: 2020

Project Facilitator

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