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New homes for the Little Penguins

With record numbers of Little penguins coming ashore and requiring extra breeding sites, we need your help. Donations are vital – give the 40,000 Little penguins living on Millowl (Phillip Island) new homes and help to save their ecosystem.

Appeal - new homes for little penguins

We work to ensure that Little penguins thrive in the natural environment. Your support allows us to continue vital work

The Penguin Foundation is teaming up with Phillip Island Nature Parks and the Traditional Owners from the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, to improve the penguin habitat by conducting weed eradication and planting new penguin friendly homes.

The 10 hectare area of habitat between Swan Lake and Summerland Beach is shared by the endangered Eastern barred bandicoot and the Short-tailed shearwater and provides ideal habitat for breeding and rest while on land.

Work needs to start in July 2022 so we are ready for their breeding season.


Every donation makes a difference to the work of the Penguin Foundation. Your donation will help support Little penguins by expanding their homes on land and building resilience towards climate change impacts.


Little penguins living on Millowl need our care and protection. You will be helping bring balance to our fragile landscapes to give nature a chance to thrive and to preserve their ecosystem.


Little penguins bring smiles to both the young and old, along with memories and hope.

You will be connecting and enriching lives today.

We need $20,000 to undertake this work:

$50 – Restores 1 hectare penguin habitat

$250 – Supports a Ranger to map 5 hectares of penguin habitat

$100 – Restores 2 hectares of penguin habitat

$1000 – Supports mapping and intensive restoration of 3 hectares of penguin habitat

Donate to the Penguin Foundation today

Every day, we work to ensure that the Little penguins thrive in their natural environment.

With your support we can continue this vital work to educate, conserve, inspire and care for the Little penguins and the ecosystem that sustains them. Make a tax-deductible donation today to protect and share these wonderful creatures with the world.

Thank you – your donation large or small will make a difference and help us to continue our vital work.

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